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⚓ Classic RPG | Interact with the pirates in the game, explore and find new treasures while leveling up and gaining new skills to protect yourself from danger in this incredible world.
⚓ Skills | Each pirate will have 15 skills which can be upgraded as you gain more experience playing and having fun.
⚓ Customized Intro | Customized game start for greater server immersion.
⚓ Ambient Sounds | Sounds of environment in the main biomes, as much in the bottom of the sea, like in the dungeon or the surface, will be able to listen to these incredible sounds, that attenuate and change according to the hour within the game.
⚓ Treasure Chests +36 | Throughout the main map you can find treasure chests, which are usually guarded by dangerous monsters.
⚓ Treasure Crate | Get the keys and get awesome rewards.
⚓ Voting Crate | Players voting for the server may receive a key to obtain a reward.
⚓ World Events | Discover the events that occur in the main world, where you can search for the mysteries of the Kraken, or find all the cannibals, you can also try to loot the booty of the thieving pirates.
⚓ Farm Zone | A place protected by dangerous spiders, where you can harvest wheat crops.
⚓ Mines | Mines which are protected by guardians, you will obtain materials but first, you must defeat them.
⚓ Bossbar Messages | Automatic messages are used to inform players of certain things on the server.
⚓ Monsters Levels | Every monster has a difficulty level, be very careful.
⚓ Dungeons | Places with incredible treasures, but remember, it is being guarded by terrible monsters!
⚓ Fast Crafting | Now you can make your tools or armor much faster.
⚓ Custom Menus | Customized menus for a greater immersion with the server and your experience.
⚓ Custom Ranks Menu | Menu where players will be able to see the available vips ranks and their perks.
⚓ Custom Bank | Customized bank, where you can keep your money safely.
⚓ Custom textures | In the setup you will find unique textures, which will achieve a better appearance.
⚓ Custom Enderchest | Much more compact and with levels of space to store your most precious items.
⚓ Custom Guides | Customized guides in the spawn, in four languages available such as English, Spanish, BrazilianTürkçePусскийFrançaisDutchChinese and Japanese.
⚓ Custom Shops | Customized stores, in which you can buy and sell items to merchants.
⚓ Custom Npc | Personalized citizens, with a pirate atmosphere, to make the immersion in the game unique.
⚓ Custom Kits | Unique and customized kits depending on the rank you have.
⚓ Custom blood | When fighting humans, monsters, or animals, they will release blood particles. Red-blooded humans, golden-blooded monsters.
⚓ Custom Death Title | When you die a sound will be heard and a personalized title will appear.
⚓ Custom Sounds | Both items and more interactions will have customized sounds.
⚓ Custom Game Menu | Customized game menu for greater immersion.
⚓ Tutorial System | System by which the user will be able to know a little bit about the server.
⚓ Friend System | System by which players can have friends.
⚓ Mystery Pirate | Merchant where you will find rare and unusual items.
⚓ Gold Exchanger | You can sell your gold to get money.
⚓ Auctions | You can auction your items to earn money or buy them.
⚓ Backpack | Backpack where you can store all your items if you don’t have space in your inventory.
⚓ Motds & Icon | Customized motd and icon with pirate theme.
⚓ Mined Rewards | Every time you mine in your generator, you have a chance to find rewards or keys.
⚓ Ranks & Chat formats | Each range has its own colors and formats in the chat.
⚓ Death Loot | When your things die they will be kept in a campfire of souls
⚓ Hydration & Temperature | There is included a hydration and temperature system, you must drink water or remove your armor to maintain a better body temperature.
⚓ Island | You can have an island, with missions, upgrades, and everything that a skyblock server offers.
⚓ And more | Many things you must join in the game to know them!


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